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If you’re iTunes library is unorganized, TuneUp Media will fix it up automatically. Do you have a bunch of songs labeled Track 01, Track 02, and so on? Or maybe you have a bunch of songs with “unknown artist” where the artist information is supposed to be.

This powerful program that works with iTunes and Windows Media Player can fix all of that for you by digitally listening to all of your music to identify all your songs. It then adds it all the correct song information and you can even go back after all your information is fixed to add in missing album cover art.

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TuneUp Media Promo Code

A great new feature has just been added! TuneUp will now remove duplicates! They were working on this for quite some time, and now it has arrived!

Another thing that makes TuneUp so great is that it does not need any song information at all to identify your songs. This comes in really handy if you uploaded a bunch of CDs into your library and none of the songs were labeled. Instead, they just say Track 01, Track 02, and so on. Once this happens, it can be a pain to go back and try to put in the correct song and artist information. You have to sit there and listen to the tracks to make sure you are labeling them correctly.

If you do not have that big of a library, this might not be that big of a deal. But let’s say you have thousands of songs that you have collected over the years and maybe you have thousands of songs that have missing information. It could take you weeks to go through all of them and fix them by hand. I know I do not have that kind of time to spare, and I’m betting you do not either. Not only is it boring to spend all that time doing such a menial task, but it also gets to be a strain on your eyes and your patience.

Why bother with all that when you can just run TuneUp and have it all fixed automatically at the push of a button? In addition to fixing up your music library, it also some other really cool features for music lovers. You can get concert alerts whenever an artist in your music library is coming to your town. If you are too busy to keep track of your favorite artists touring schedules, this is a great feature for you.

There is also something called the Tuniverse, where you get some extra features to enhance your experience listening to your music library. When you play a song, you get the option to watch related music videos on Youtube. You also have the option to view artist bios from wikipedia, google news, related Ebay auctions, and song or album recommendations from Amazon. Finally, you can tweet out what you are listening to and share with all your friends. You can also send out your music information to your Facebook friends. These are great features if you and your friends like to recommend music to each other.

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TuneUp Media Promo Code

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