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Is your iTunes library an unorganized mess? TuneUp Media is the perfect program to fix up your music library. If you have tons of tracks that have missing song information and just say Track 01, Track 02, and so on, this program can take care of those. Same goes for any track that is labeled with “unknown artist.”

This powerful program for iTunes or Windows Media Player digitally listens to your music and then identifies all your songs and fixes the song information. How cool is that? And on top of that, once all your song details are all correct, you can set the program to go back through your library to add in any missing album cover art.

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I will now give an overview that goes over all the things that TuneUp Media does. First and foremost, this program is great for fixing up and organizing your iTunes library. It adds in all the correct tags for all your songs, and can even add in missing album art if you choose. What really sets TuneUp apart from some other programs is that it actually goes in and digitally identifies your songs. So if you have a bunch of songs that are missing labels completely, it will still fix those and add in all the correct information.

This feature is truly a time saver, because it prevents you from having to go in and listen to all the songs that are labeled Track 01, Track 02, and so on, just to figure out what they are. I know I had a bunch of those from when I uploaded different CDs into my library, and they can truly be a pain to identify later on. With TuneUp, you just push a button and it goes through all your songs and adds in all the missing information.

Another great feature that has just been added is that TuneUp will now remove duplicates! They were working on adding this feature for a long time, and now they have added what they call the deduper, which is just their name for the duplicate remover tool.

There are also some other pretty cool features, especially for music lovers. You can get concert alerts that notify you whenever an artist in your library is coming to play in your city. I have missed out on some of my favorite bands before because I had no idea they were coming to town. Well now I never miss a concert because I get these awesome alerts from TuneUp.

The program also features something called the Tuniverse, which is basically just a bunch of extra features that enhance your listening experience. When you are listening to a song, you will see a bunch of other options that are related to that song. For example, you can click on relevant Youtube videos, wikipedia artist bios, the latest information from google news, song and album suggestions from Amazon, and even view relevant Ebay auctions. Sometimes I find some cool things in the Tuniverse while I’m listening to my music.

If you are into sharing what music you are listening to with your friends, you can even tweet that out with TuneUp or share your music information on Facebook. These features are pretty cool if you like to tell friends about new music that you have just discovered.

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